Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Matoub Lounès (1956-1998)

Today is 15th anniversary of Matoub Lounès . He is Amazighi Algerian musician and political activist for Secularism, Atheism and Berberism. 

Islamic terrorists assassinated Matoub by machine guns where he was driving his car in a company of his family. Later on; angry youth of Kabylie started violent riots and clashed with police forces for more than week. 

Matoub Lounès  wrote a book entitled (The Rebel). It is his personal biography that reflect his life during political crisis and critical social exchanges in post-Independent Algeria.

Matoub was and still a hero for Berber people and Secularists, but many people disliked him and the saw him as accursed man because his opinion on politics and religion. He received cretinism because his  sarcastic songs religion like (Allahu Akbar); One of his most famous songs is (Allahu Akbar) which means (Allah is Big).

Here is English translation:

In the daytime when permanent calmness (Christianity) came,
We discharged it incontinent;
We said to him: we are at best,
Fed on happiness and on beneficial effects,
Nothing misses in our prosperity,
What fades for ever what we forget one day.
Our looks towards Quebla turn,
As though of this place
The wind of respectability had to get up.
Allah is big! Allah!
Arabic is the word of God.
It is the language of knowledge,
In no way comparable in the others.
For her, you can throw yourself into the abyss,
Go, topple over, sink there!
Mahomet will carry to your assistance.
Watch out! Do not open again eyes anymore!
Call lords, sing commendations
Of those who bewitch you towards torpor.
Allah is big! Allah!
Watch out! Do not appear from sleep!
You here is wandering in the chasms of nature,
The steam of opium for companions.
Consider Quebla made drowsy,
Also consider the chérifienne Quaaba,
They are your only lamp.
Bow your forehead and hit it against earth,
No one comes to fluster your prostration,
Listen only to your sidi sheikh:
Allah is big! Allah!
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