Monday, June 3, 2013

Art in war zone ... and hope is still here

I am very glad. Day #1 in my cartoon workshop was excellent and I gained more than I expected from participants. I am working with youth didn't take even a single art lesson in their life. In the beginning they were shy but I find things get better after we break the borders and start drawing together.

I surprised that most participants are girls. In my previous workshops girls and women always was minority, but this time they are overwhelming majority; over 90%.

This workshop is giving me hope because youth here are open minded more than I expected, and they are very cooperative with self-respected. Participants are between 14 and 15 years old but some of them gave me bright ideas about life and art.

Hearsay full the air that rebels will attack the city again, but life goes and people are doing that they are used to do. Umm Ruwaba is healing from last attack of Sudanese Revolutionary Front when 26 people passed away before few weeks.

I guess art could heal many wounds and pains. A little lady wrote me a small note:

“... I was trying to draw but I can because everybody breaks me down… but today I found someone supporting me to develop my skills … that is the best felling ever … I learned today that every human being can to draw but the problem is who can give the support.”

Painting and sharing my artistic experience art in war zone give me new ideas for my work and refresh my vision about life, but in the same time it is giving small help for youth and the local community. Hope is everywhere but all we need is to open our eyes.

Tomorrow is Day# 2 and hope is still here.

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