Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Al Manasir are protesting

Six years ago, the conflict is heated and unprecedented between the state, represented in the reservoirs&ALMANASIR. The core of the conflict focus on get Manasir Displace Manasir out of from their land.The Government of Sudan wants them out by force Manasir selflessly to stay in their land ,They decided to stay either above or defend them to death whatever the cost is of the sacrifices.As part of its conflict with the Manasir the government used force to get almanasir out of their land.
In addition to Prison and the displacement and its annexes and expelled from jobs even the threat of murder,When they did not find the violence did not break the will of the Manasir Sudanese goverment resorted to tactics Dirty reservoirs of bribes and the purchase of graft and engaged in fraud to lie and say the Manasir spent their rights and they agreed to migrate outside.And not only that but the reservoirs have gone as far as to employ personal differences between the leaderships of the Manasir taking advantage of a security unites for the recruitment of rumor and defamation and plant hatred among them.

On October 13 -2008 33 villages inundated by sudanese government & warned the media to deal with disaster .this resulted in dumping is the displacement of 25 thousand citizens in addition to loosing their and the loss of their agriculture
We are the sons of the Manasir put in prisons &detention our people now without placese with the snakes &scorpion Exited which aresult of dumping,the disease spread rapidly
we are asking humanitarian organizations To support our just cause To help us in exposing this crime.

Join them HERE

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