Monday, July 5, 2010

Zoran Mazos by Nayer in Pharaohs Magazine

Shock! That was my feeling when I saw blackness surrounded the photo of our friend Zoran Mazos, he passed away in a hospital in city called Paracin, where he was born before 50 years ago, lived, raised and lied in peace.

The world of cartoon lost a creative caricaturist and active artist, Zoran Matic Mazos who writes poetry and political satires was the editor in chief of Zikison weekly magazine which publish hundreds and hundreds of cartoons from all around the world.

Zoran made Zikison open space for me and many cartoonists from around the global, many of them made friendships, exchange cartoon styles, experiences by this forum and help of Zoran.
I knew Zoran since 2007 and from our private emails I found him a respected man with sense of gentle humor. Until now I still remember his friendly announcement of Zikison’s competitions, he wrote:

“The competition is open for all people on this planet, but in the case if someone appears from other planet then we will become the first interplanetary competition.”

Zoran’s heart was similar to that the competition, open to all people of the world, big heart full of peace, love. Zoran was big loss for all of us as artist, poet and human.

Talal Nayer
Pharaohs Magazine - July issue (Egypt)
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