Sunday, November 26, 2017

Square (Animation Film)

Title: Square
Year of Production: 2015
Country of Production: Tunisia
Film-producers: Goethe Institut, Institut Français
Script: Mathias 'Deve' Sitbon (France), Jean Ndjock (Cameroon), Oussama Zikri  (Tunisia).
Animation: Talal Nayer (Sudan), Mathias 'Deve' Sitbon (France)
Coloring: Salma Bouthelja (Tunisia), Oussama Farj (Tunisia), Yannick Bibangue (Cameroon), Talal Nayer (Sudan)
Sound: Jean Ndjock (Cameroon), Yannick Bibangue (Cameroon)
Montage and film editing: Jean Ndjock (Cameroon)
Prizes: Prize of Franco-Allemand contest of short films – Tunisia – (October 2015).

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