Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Sudanese disable to imprison Genies?

 Talal Nayer

OxfordDictionary defines word (genie) as: “a spirit of Arabian folklore, as depicted traditionally imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp and capable of granting wishes when summoned”. Historically, the word came from Arabic culture. Some resources suggest that the word (genie) adopted by European languages in the seventeenth century; after the translation of “The Arabian Nights” or “One Thousand and One Nights”.

The root of English word (genius) referred to (genie). The original root in Arabic language is (Jinn) which is mean verbatim (devil). In Arabia land, there is a very deep valley in Najd called “Abbqar”, the old Arabs said that all genius people belong to that mysterious place where genies and devils give them super intelligence. Strong rumors linked between old poets and genies, poets like Kumait Ibn Zaid, Imru`al-Qais, Ziyad ibn Muawiyah who nicknamed with “Al-Nabigha” which mean exactly “The Genius”.

Countless people in the world told their children stories of The Boogie Monster and Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. Lotte Reiniger surprised people with his animation film “The Adventures of prince Achmed” and the Fire Mountain Witch in 1926, Christina Aguilera sang “Genie in A Bottle”. Some people could spend weekend in reading some fantasy novels or watching a horror movie, and it’s nice to enjoy all demons stuffs as entertainment, but things turn wrong when people take the theme of genies seriously and started to deal with it as a fact.

Many people believe in genies, devils, angels, and holy spirits as part of their religious faith, and as I think these people don’t need any avoidance to prove these believes, only if they decided to become materialists. Internet contains thousands and thousands of genies images, dozens of websites posted pictures of ghosts caught on camera, one of these websites is Islamic Pics. The administrators of the website devote it to document all places, words, books, personalities, and everything about Islam. For example they published photos for the battlefield of Badar where Muslims fought against Kuffars, there is also a photo of "Jabl-e-AbuQabis"; the first mountain that created over the earth, as Muslims believe. The administrators of the website posted many photos to prove the Islamic miracles like trees in Sydney praying just like Muslims pray, there is also a name of Allah tattooed over a fish’s body in Lebanon, bees wrote the name of Allah in a beehive, and you can see more if you click HERE. But the most important photo for me and the most unbelievable miracle: (Genie caught on camera)! They wrote near the photo: A Jin (Ghost) accidently captured by camera near the Hira cave during Haj. The creature was seen only after the film was processed. Probably it get stunt for the milliseconds by the strong flash that it materialise itself. Allahu'Alam.

Many newspapers around Islamic World published that the photographer drooped dead after shooting the Jinni by his camera, but when I made a my researches I found the truth, there is no Genie caught by camera in Hira cave, it's a statue, not a ghost. Thanks to Mr. Google.

Until this stage it’s acceptable for many people believing in the existence of genies and demons, but will it still the same when genies and devils started an uncontrollable criminal activity or undesired behavior? How could Islamic Law (Sharia) deal with this issue? We will take Sudan as a case of the study. Sudanese Criminal Law inspired from Sharia which is deals with many topics addressed by secular law, including crime, politics, and economics, as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer, and fasting. The primary resources of Sharia are Allah’s Qur’an and Muhammad’s Sunnah, and the one of secondary resources is Ijma which means the consensus or agreement of the Muslim community. In all these resources there is an accord in the existence of genies and demons, Muslim genies and faithless genies.

In Islam, the good believers should not deal the Genie or Jinn, especially the faithless ones. Magic is forbidden in Islam and the maximum punishment for any insubordination is beheading in a public arena. Black Magic prohibited because “… the al-shayatin (genies) taught knowledge of evil and "pretended to force the laws of nature and the will of Allah. (The Meaning of the Holy Qur’an, Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Amana Publications. 2001. Q 2:102, note 103). In Sudan’s Public Order Act, Code No. 26; the witchcraft, quackery and sorcery are crimes. The judgments for the conjuration are:
A-   jail for not more than five years
B-   financial penalty
C-   both punishments  
D-   lashing          
E-   expropriation all tools of the witchcraft

It’s understandable that religious people have a right to believe in whatever they want, it’s okay if they feel comfortable with the idea of gods, devils, demons, good genies and evil spirits, but there isn't any necessity or any sense of logic when religious people tried to materialize these spiritual ideas into a law that rule daily life of Muslims and non Muslims. The defenders of Sharia in Sudan designed a law inspired from Islam even when it out of date, Sharia that order stoning for adultery, beheading for apostasy, cutting hands for stealing. Is the Sharia of seventh century can deal with the issues of twenty first century? Think a little bit about Taliban to find an answer.

The Sudanese law criminalizes sorcery because Sharia said it is bad, and there is legal code about it, even when it cannot be applied practically! For example, sorcery and cooperating with demons is an offense, in most cases the police send easily HUMANS to jail, but in same time there is no way to catch their crime partners; GENIES. Sudanese policemen are disable to send these criminals demons to prisons because it’s almost impossible to prove this felony, there is no crime scene, and there is no ability to chase the criminal devils because there are no practical methods or tested ways to deal with these kind of mysterious cases. If we asked once: “Why this code is exist in Sudanese law if police cannot really apply it?”, the question could be: “Our laws should be adapted from Sharia!”.

Sudan is a theocratic state ruled by radical militarists who’s destroyed the economy and everything just to start their Islamic model over it, they islamized anything and everything: politics, education, economy, art, music and they are trying to practice a law even its codes are not match with our era, codes cannot be applied, and will not be applied. The dogmatic mentalities ruled Sudan by iron fist; they tried so hard to find solutions for the most dynamic social issues from texts wrote before 1400 years ago, and build their diplomatic policies upon an ancient concept of (The Land of Islam vs. The Land of Kuffars). When al-Bashir turn over the elected government of Sadiqal-Mahdi in 1989, the Islamic regime found itself alone facing an economic blockade from western countries because Sudan supporting Islamic terrorism and was hosting Osama Bin Laden in Khartoum. The economic crisis paralyzed Sudan; believe or not believe: one of the parliamentarians requested Sudanese government to benefit from the MUSLIM GENIES to bring dollars for the weak economy!

Osama Bin Laden and Omar al-Bashir in Sudan
Once Jose Saramago said: "What kind of world is this that can send machines to Mars and does nothing to stop the killing of a human being?". The most dangerous thing nowadays that all people use technological tools in every minute in their lives, but many of them don’t even try once to use the logic and intelligence which created all these instruments, and the worst that most of them though they are smart. We are living in the era of smart phones and stupid people. 

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