Friday, April 13, 2012

Nayer in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa in the morning

The fresh air

Bole International Airport

Bole Road


Walking in my neighborhood

It's time to say hi to camera 

Chatting with this find man

In a restaurant

Still in Bole Raod

Ethiopia movie poster

Lion of Judah

It's books time

I loved this movie

In this part of the city it is so quite 

Arat Kilo 

Arat Kilo Monument

Pushkin statue in National Museum of Ethiopia

Old South Arabia Languge

Empirical Crow

Lion of Judah

Unity Statue made as a struggle icon against Empirical rule which ended in 1974

Farmer state in National Museum of Ethiopia

Painting made during Communist era

Lucy: the oldest human reminds, she is 3.2 million years old


Arat Kilo

Addis Ababa University

Education College

Meskel Square

Red Terror Museum near to Meskel Square 

Ethiopia Radio

Ethiopian Cuban Memorial

Mangestu leading the Ethiopian people

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