Monday, October 31, 2011

Bushra in Kobar prison

Dear All,

The family of Sudanese detained activist Bushra Gamar Hussein, who is being held by Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) in Kobar prison- Khartoum North, since 25th June 2011 without charges or trial, has been deprived of an approved visit applied for by his family in Khartoum.

Usual the family is used to be given biweekly visits for the past two months; however, it has now been more than three weeks since the last visit granted on 6th October 2011. From Friday 21st October to Monday 24th October 2011, three family visit requests were submitted, but rejected. Last Wednesday morning the family received a telephone call from NISS confirming the approval of a visit on Sunday 30th October. Unfortunately on the following day (Thursday evening), another call was received cancelling the approved visit for unknown reasons.

During the latest visit on 6th October Bushra was found to be in a very bad health condition, furthermore it was confirmed that he went into a second hunger strike on 10th October; we therefore strongly believe that the reason for denying his family access to meet him is either because he is in a very bad condition, after being subjected to severe torture, or maybe his life is in danger, if still alive at all.

The family of Bushra Gamar urges all human rights, civil society organizations, and the Indigenous People Rights Network Coordinator to exert maximum pressure on the Sudanese authorities to give him access to his family, provide him with medical treatment and hand him over to the proper judicial authorities to decide his fate. The family believes that their son is innocent and he should not be imprisoned indefinitely on unfounded accusations and baseless rumors. We plead with all concerned organizations to do whatever they can do to save the life of a civil society activist whose guilt was his keenness to help on solving conflicts in Darfur and Southern Kordofan.

DR Ezzeldin Gamar Hussein

On behalf of the family of Dr Bushra Gamar Hussein

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