Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Massage to Cartoonist Right Network Romania (CRNR)

Sr Nicolae Ionita
S / DThe undersigned, we expressed our indignation towards the CRNR for breach of the commitment to honor the promised prize to the winners of the event Great Romanian Personalities 2008 (catalog and travel paid one weeks stay in Romania).We notifice to you to fulfill their obligation, demanding ours rights acquired, waiting in the span of a week of submitting this notification, an affirmative answer for a tentative date for the trip, otherwise we will have to make public the fraud on its pseudo hall humor, not as a punitive measure but as a way to avoid that their lack of ethics and moral ends to harm other artists in future issues.We request you to return us each original papers that has been sent.

Yours faithfully

Adrian Palmas
Jorge Bernard
Sergio Morettini
Raul Grisales (Guaico)
Aleksei Kivokourtsev
Talal Nayer
Alexander Moreira

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