Sunday, October 18, 2009

Torture in Sudan - Facts and testimonies

Author: El Nadim Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence
Keywords: torture; sudan; refugees; human rights; UNHCR; testimonies; africa; south of sudan; civil war
Publisher: El Nadim Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence
Year: 2005
Language: English
Book contributor: El Nadim Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence
Collection: opensource

Over the last ten years hundreds of Sudanese torture victims have reached out to El-nadim center. This figure represents only the ones that succeeded in escaping from the clutches of those who imprisoned and tortured them, leaving behind others.

No one knows how many victims exist and perhaps no one ever will. Some have become martyrs, some could not get away and a few, are still struggling. Their stories accumulated over the years, bringing some testimonies that vary and others that are relatively alike. But all contain the same viciousness and extreme cruelty.

We could see, quite literally, what we had previously read in both local and international reports asserting that the Sudanese government has reached a level of such brutality that has never occurred before in modern Sudanese history. Torture in Sudan is, today, more widespread than ever before, and not just because it embraces a wider area than previously, but also because of the random infliction of this inhumane torture.

Everybody is at risk. Whether you are a political activist or not, a member of the opposition or an uninvolved civilian, whether you are alone or part of a group is irrelevant.

We document in this book, amongst other things, the testimonies of these victims.

We are working towards the day when the criminals who tortured them are held accountable for their actions, and punished for the suffering they inflicted. Though no punishment will compensate the lives that were lost it will be a triumph for their souls, a triumph for humanity as a whole, in hope of one day living in a better world.
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