Sunday, June 21, 2009

VJ Movment... There is more than one truth

Recently I became a member of VJ Movement as a professional cartoonist, and I want to show a little about VJ Movement.

What is the philosophy of The Video Journalism Movement?
The VJ Movement is an online video news platform with a different approach to the news, produced by professional video journalists.
• We want to reconnect the people with the news by providing stories they can relate to.
• We want to give them the context of the news using explanatory pieces and mind maps.
• We want to enable them to dig much deeper by providing interviews with specialists.
• We want to continue to follow stories after they are gone from the headlines of regular media.
• But most of all, we want the viewer to take charge. He or she should decide what to see, when to see it and how much they want to see of it.
To us, cartoons are a powerful medium to present different views on global themes. That's why, parallel to our network of video journalist's, we are in the process of creating a global network of cartoonists to contribute their view of the world to our platform.
By having several journalists and cartoonists with entirely different backgrounds address the same topic, we want to show the spectrum of views on the issue. To achieve this, it is important that the journalists and cartoonists provide us with a profile about themselves. We need to be open about the background of our contributors, so that the viewers can understand the choices they made in
telling the story. Instead of telling them to try and create a fully balanced story on their own, we want them to tell us the story in the most raw and realistic way: as they see it.
Transparency, authenticity and craftsmanship are the keys to good story telling for us.

If you want to know more please visit our website
And remember "There is more than one truth".
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