Friday, April 3, 2009

Salah Hamda (Biography)

Salah Hamada

His full name is Salahaddeen Salemm Hamada, he born Ruofaa, Aljazzera State in 1960.

Salah lived with his father in Algadareff city in the eastern Sudan, then after his father dead in car accident he moved to live with his family in
Ruofaa City.

He started his study in Collage of Fine Art as a painter in 1976 and he became one of most popular students; Salah was a college of the Sudanese cartoonist Moonam Hamza and the graduated together in 1980.

He was an employer for 7 years in the ministry of Work (Section of Designing and Artitacher) since 1981.

Salalh was a fan of the Egyptian cartoonist (Hussein Al Layethi) and he flow is style as a cartoonist.

In the early of 1980's he worked in Alseeyasa (The Policy) daily newspaper and that time was his golden era because he became one of must popular cartoonists in Sudan beside that he publish his famous book ( Menn Ghaeer Zaaell ) or ( Without Anger) in 1988.

In 1989 The Islamic National Front turn over the legal democratic government and closed all newspapers and for that Salah Hamada protest and retired of drawing cartoon from 1989 to 1994 when the first specialist cartoon newspaper (Nabbed Alkaricateer) published in July 1994.

He began to reduce his cartoons in 1990's because he want he feel that he has to bring new ideas he started to write Satirical literature in newspaper until he became the Editing manger of (Akhbar Almugtamaa).

He worked for many newspapers like Alayam, Alsahafa, Akher Khaber, Nabbed Alkaricateer, Alamm Alkomidia and at last Alwatann.

IN This link you can find his works in Aydin Dogan contest in Turkey (1991).
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