Sunday, March 15, 2009

Erdoğan Karayel by Nayer

This is Erdoğan Karayel the Chef of "Don Quichotte" Humor Magazine in Germany. He had born in Istanbul, Turkey, he have been drawing cartoons since 1976,
Karayel graduated from M.Ü. Fine Arts Faculty in Istanbul, Graphic Arts Section (1976-1982).He worked from 1977 on, in both Graphics and Cartoons for
Weekly Humor Magazine (Çarsaf, Ses, Girgir)

Published his albums:
En Gurbettekiler
Bir warmis Bir Yokmus
Hans and Hasan,
Siyah-Beyaz Ofkelerim

He made 8 personal, 15 group exhibitions. His works were exhibited and awarded in West Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Turkey.
He has won 39 prizes..
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