Friday, February 20, 2009

The page No.1 of Galalm Rassas !

The pages name is Galam Rassas ... Galam Rassas is Arabic ... the word Galam alone means ( Pen ) ... but Galalm Rassas means ( Pencil ) ... in Arabic Rassas have other meaning ... Rassas means in some times ( bullets ) ... I choose this name to show the great power of cartoon ... and sure because we use Pencils to do our artworks.
In the Page No. 1 I honored when Matteo became my first guest in Galam Rassas.
I wrote an article about Artefacto from Peru and I show the begainings of the magazine since 2007 until now, and I wrote about the cartoonist Omar Zevallos the editor of Artefacto.
Thanks from Fadi Abu Hassan from Syria for his cartoon (Van Gogh).
In the news section we show the heath crisis of Sudanese cartoonist Abdulazeem Bayram and his trip to Lodon. Galalm Rassas show the clash that happened between the Saudi cartoonist called (Al Ghamdi) and the Saudi Royal Family because on of his cartoons.
We bring the events of Intentional cartoon gallery called (Freedom to Gaza) was been in Syria, and we put the highlight about the latest cartoons edition like Yeni Akrep from Cyprus and cartoon book from the Sudanese cartoonist Hashim Caruri.
Welcome with your notice and comments and every thing about Galalm Rassas.
Welcome with your cartoons, articles, studies.

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