Monday, February 23, 2009

Excellency Prize from Romania !

I won an Excellency Prize from Romania, I'm with top 20 of the contest of (Great Romanian Personalities In The World Graphic Art)... there are about 153 cartoonists join to this contests from all around the world.
The winders of Edition 2008 are :

- Adrian Palmas (Argentina)
- Jorge Bernard (Argentina)
- Harutyun Chalikyan (Armenia)
- Alexander P. Moreira (Brazil)
- Luiz Carlos Fernandes (Brazil)
- Sergio Raul Morettini (Brazil)
- Dai Pei Cheng (China)
- Wu Jianjun (China)
- Guaico (Colombia)
- Hasan Said (Egypt)
- Zaliko Sukalaur (Georgia)
- Ghobad Emamifard (Iran)
- Eric Peter van der Wal (Netherlands)
- Alexey Kivokourtsev (Russia)
- Vladimir Motchalov (Russia)
- Talal Nayer (Sudan)
- Osman Gural Suroglu (Turkey)
- Neil K. Kempsell (United Kingdom)
- Nikolaj Kapusta (Ukraine)
- Eden (Uruguay)
And here is the link...

The lucky thing that I have a close frinds won too like Adrian Palmas, Guaico, pluis, Alexey Kivokourtsev, Ghobad Emamifard and my best freind Ben Heine from The Edtion 2007 !!

I hope you all good luck,
Greeting from Sudan...

Your freind ...

Talal Nayer
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