Sunday, January 18, 2009

I made this cartoon for my friend Palmas from Argentina.
Palmas was born in Cordoba, Argentina the 21 of November of 1966.
In 1991 He was received from architect in the National University of Cordoba, profession that He exert in independent form; in addition He makes cartoons and grafico humor by pleasing and collaborates in the Magazines of La cañada, Panza Verde, Saltalarisa ,20 diez, Mistica Albiazul, Tango Reporter all of Argentina, in addition to several paginas web of Internet like Humoralia, Elcan, Saltalarisa, Irancartoon, Toonpool.
To see more about Adrian Palmas you can visit...

Palmas made me this nice cartoon...
Palmas... Muchas Grasias ... Thank you

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