Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ez Alddin Osman (1933-2008)

Ez Alddin Osman (1933-2008)is the first cartoonist in Sudan, started his work in 1959 in "Alakhbar" newspaper, and then he transferred to "Alray Alaam", "Alayam" and "Alsahafa" newspapers.
In the early of 1980`s "Ez Alddin" had been banished to Emirates for ten years because one of his cartoons against the Minster of transports in the government of the ex-president Gaffer Nunnery .When he returned back to Sudan in 1986 he continued his work with "Al telegram" ,Nabbed Alkarikaeer" and "Alsharie Alsyasi" Newspapers .
He retired and stopped his drawing cartoons in 2005.
"Ez Alddin Osman had a great influence on the Sudanese politics and society. He had a great ability in creating public opinion. Ismail Alazahari the first Sudanese Prime Minster after Independence in 1956 was accustomed to start his day by reviewing Ez Alddin Osman`s cartoons.
His cartoons discussed in markets, streets and offices, some of his works became famous jokes in Sudan told even today.
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