Thursday, November 20, 2008

Talal Nayer by David Almeida

Hehehehehehehehehe !
This great cartoon of me made by the Brazilian cartoonist David Almeida !
David is one of good cartoonists in Brazil , he was born on December 16 1983.
He has been drawing since he was a child. The stimulus and interest in drawing came from his mother.
When he was 3 years old his first traits could be seen on the walls. A true primitive art (he did not draw extinct animals but...) At ten, he learned how to knit with his mother (Do not laugh, he is a macho man)
At 15 years old, he enrolled in a caricature course offered by the City Hall of Angra dos Reis. From that moment, his career emerged. He took a three-year-long internship in a shopping mall of the city (Pirata’s Mall) with a group of caricaturists. Nowadays, he took an Art Education course. He has worked in his own atelier (at the Angra Mall) where he teaches and draws caricatures, painting and illustrates books, P.S. He does not knit anymore. Besides, he collaborates with the project “Caricaturar” of the Department of Culture, Sports and Events of the City Hall of Angra dos Reis, that supports underprivileged children giving them the opportunity of developing their skills through classes given to them. He has some awards and Honorable Mentions for the social work done in the city. He tries to publicize his works on his website, with a lot of humor and dedication.
you want to see more of his cartoon ? okay, why not ?
Just visit his webside : Contact: or you can visit his profile in
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