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Ion Luca Caragiale

Ion Luca Caragiale (February 1, 1852–July 9, 1912)was a Romanian playwright and short story writer. He was born in Haimanale, Wallachia. The name of the locality, which is now situated in Dâmboviţa County, Romania, has been changed to I. L. Caragiale.

Born on February the 1st 1852, in Haimanale village, which today wears his name, being the first child of Luca Caragiale(1812-1870) and Echaterine Caragiale. His father was the brother of Costache and Iorgu Caragiale, which was born in Constantinopol, as son of Ştefan, who was a chief, employed by Ion George Caragea, at the end of 1812 in his suite. Tempted by theatre, Luca married the actress and singer Caloropulos in 1839. With time they lost contact, but never divorced. He founded a family with Echaterine from Braşov, the daughter of a Greek merchant named Luca Chiriac Caraboas.
Ion Luca Caragiale did his studies between 1859 and 1860 with the help of the priest named Marinache, from Saint George Church in Ploieşti, and until the year 1864 had his studies of the second and fourth grade at Kingship School from Ploieşti. He went to grammar school at Saints Peter and Pavel highschool, and in 1868 he finished the fifth highschool grade at Bucharest.
The classic big future graduated the grammar school "Saints Peter and Pavel from Ploieşti, which he named it in his native city, Grand Hôtel "Victoria Română"(Large Hotel "Romanian Victory"). The only institutioneer which the author of Momentelor remembered with respect was Bazil Drăgoşescu, the one which in the memorialistic shorter short story named După 50 de ani(After 50 Years) had accepted in its class the waivode of the Unification.
The teen Iancu started writing a lot of poems, and made his first debut at the magazine named Familia(The Family) where he was a copier in Iorgu Caragiale's team. in 1871, Caragiale was named a copier at the National Theatre from Bucharest, after Mihail Pascaly's proposal. Between 1873 and 1875 he collaborated with prose and poems in Ghimpele magazine where he had primers like Car şi Policar(Şarla cu ciobanii, andantistic fable. He was borned as the satiric author, but through his "sacrifice" as the lyric poet, which it will survive, ocasionallym as the fable, "verse de société" and parodist author.
In 1889, at January 7-8 marries with Alexandrina Burelly, the daughter of artist Gaetano Burelly. From this marriage he had two daughters: Ioana and Agatha, they died young from a pertussis or diphtheria. In July 3 , 1893 his son, Luca Ion was born.
In 1889, the year of death of the Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu ,Caragiale published the article În Nirvana(In Nirvana). In 1890 he was a history teacher at the Private High School Saint George for first to eighth grade students, and in 1892 he announced his intention of expatriatiation to Sibiu or Braşov . In 1903, in February 14 he tried to move to Cluj , but in November he moved his domicile in Berlin. In 1905 at March 14 he settled for good in Berlin.
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